Warsaw as a tourist destination

Download the city guide: https://warsawtour.pl/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/katalog_2019_WOT_for_web.pdf

Warsaw is a city with a fascinating history, modern architecture, visitor-friendly infrastructure, creative inhabitants and a rich offer of cultural events – it truly is the beating heart of Poland. The history of Warsaw is a mixture of a turbulent past, the will to survive, as well as the courage and activities of its people.

The metamorphosis the city has undergone over the recent centuries is truly amazing. Independence uprisings, wars, and the ill-fated Warsaw Rising have all cast a deep shadow on the capital’s history. Despite all of this, the city was able to rise from the ashes – a fact that has been recognised by UNESCO by including the Old Town on the World Heritage List. Today, the historical West-bank city of Warsaw is truly captivating, with its charms and discreet elegance. Located in the very heart of a modern, attractive and friendly city, it attracts millions of tourists annually!