Plan Your Excurcion

Our rich social program includes an excursion on Thursday afternoon. Please choose, during your registration, one of options listed below:

1. Royal Warsaw (walk + bus tour, approx. 4 h, 150 seats available)

Warsaw is a place where Polish history has been written for centuries. Start your adventure with the Old Town - the jewel in the Polish capital’s crown. Have a look at the magnificent Royal Castle and walk along the Krakowskie Przedmieście street – the most beautiful avenue in Warsaw. Finally, enjoy the charming and extensive Royal Łazienki Park, where you can rest from the hustle and bustle of the city.

2. Chopin’s Warsaw (walk + bus tour, approx. 4 h, 10 seats available)

Everybody has certainly heard about Chopin and his everlasting music! Have a look at the city where he spent the early years and enjoy fascinating stories related to the virtuoso. Start from the Castle Square and walk along  Krakowskie Przedmieście street. Visit the places where Chopin lived, loved and worshipped; where he gave his first concerts; and the church where his heart is buried. Look for the multimedia benches and just touch the button to find one of Chopins beautiful compositions stealing your heart. Finally, see Royal Łazienki Park – the best place to hear stories which allow for a better understanding of the composer’s personality and music.

3. Warsaw at war (walk + bus tour, approx. 4 h, 0 seats available)

Warsaw has a turbulent past, characterized by its people’s astonishing courage and will to survive oppression. Witness it with your own eyes in the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Every exhibit here tells the story of the largest underground combat operation in Nazi-occupied Europe during World War II which bravely fought against an  operation to change forever the face of the Polish capital. Afterwards, walk along the streets which still remember those bloody fights and try to understand why Warsaw looks like this now. Finally, admire the Old Town, which rose like a phoenix from the ashes after WWII.
Pictures taken from Wikimedia Commons

4. Contemporary Warsaw (walk + bus tour, approx. 4 h, 0 seats available)

80% destroyed but rebuilt after WWII from a sea of ruins, this is the contemporary Warsaw. Let us show you some of the iconic post-war architectural masterpieces, created to overshadow everything that was before and was about to come in the future. Listen to the famous urban legends, but also stories of control and absurdities of living behind the Iron Curtain. And for the cherry on top, visit the National Museum and delight in the most outstanding works of Polish artists such as Chełmoński, Boznańska, Malczewski, Gierymski, Siemiradzki and many others.